The Server has been shut down for now, we plan to be back in some months

DONATE: Donate 10$ to recive 5 iron blocks, worldgaurd protection, infintive leather armor, and much much more!

 In a world of evil,good, and power it's your choice, either become a king, a knight, a freelancer conquer other cities,
buy houses,farms and much much more!    

The CosmicHerobrine is a Survivial,RP,Civilization server you can either be a freelancer with a farm, or be a king of a great nation,or be an assassin, or be a citizen and buy houses and trade!
Its you'r choice

Vote for the Server above to get 3 free diamonds!

When bought, tell a admin and he will give you you'r iron




Ok ok ok, Verygames fails at replying, so paients. in the mean time, Ever heard of "Lord Of The Craft" MC server? Nical Empire will be on there!

 Admins: CommanderCaleb,